Air Messenge Air Messenger WCTP Version 5.0.0
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Brief review

Air Messenger WCTP comes with a simple interface that isn’t crammed with icons or other distracting items. The only thing you’ll see when downloading this program is a white background complete with grey fill-in and drop-down boxes. This program is suitable for users of all levels who want to send and receive alphanumeric pager and digital cell phone-based messages worldwide.


Using Air Messenger WCTP is effortless. After downloading the program, users can make use of Air Messenger WCTP right away. Simply add the recipient details, type out a message, and press the send button. In an instant, your message will be send wirelessly to anyone in the world who has a pager or digital cell phone.

Main Function

Understanding the purpose of a pager-based program today is difficult to do. However, Air Messenger WCTP is one pager program that still seems to serve a direct purpose. Instead of spending lots of money calling someone who lives across the world or sending a pricey text message, Air Messenger WCTP allows you to send a short and simple text message to anyone’s pager or digital cell phone. To this point, Air Messenger WCTP performs its main duty seamlessly and without a lot of effort on the user’s part.

Extra Features

The one feature that users will find handy is the spell checker feature – you’ll never send a message that doesn’t make sense! Users can also send messages to large groups of people at one time.


If you’re searching for a way to send free pager-based or digital cell phone based messages across the world, the $30 retail price of this program is reasonable.

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Reviewed by Alan Vega
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